Bulgaria – the country of unlimited opportunities

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The last two years have not been easy for businesses around the world.

The pandemic has caused serious turmoil at all levels.

Many small businesses did not survive and others were on the brink of survival.

But in recent months, although we have entered a period of inflation and serious increases in electricity and other resources, Bulgaria still remains one of the countries where it is an excellent idea to do business.

What are the advantages?

Many businesses have not yet been developed in Bulgaria. That is why there is a huge scope. Any original idea could be well received by people and become a successful business

Low taxes and fees. Our country remains one of the countries with the lowest taxes in Europe.

In Bulgaria, the economy is booming. People are working. The cogs are moving. In countries like Greece or Italy, even Spain, time flows differently.

If you work in Bulgaria, you work in the European Union. Being part of the EU means you can operate online and other businesses in the EU and pay your taxes in Bulgaria.

Workforce – we Bulgarians may be a bit of a maverick, but we work well. However , we have many different compentencies – we are combinative, much faster than other nations and we are results oriented. So the workforce in Bulgaria is many times better than many other countries.


What are the disadvantages?

There are disadvantages, of course.


The impending war in Ukraine.

The increasingly high prices of fuel and all raw materials.

But, we are looking ahead.

And, we believe that , if you have decided to invest, that NOW is always the best time.