European Commission unveils new innovation agenda to kick-start new wave of innovation

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The programme will help Europe develop new technologies to tackle society’s most pressing challenges and bring these technologies to market. The new European Innovation Agenda is designed to put Europe at the forefront of global innovation. Europe wants to be the place where the best talents work together with the best businesses and where deep-tech innovation thrives and leads to the creation of revolutionary innovative solutions across the continent that will inspire the world.

By taking the lead in innovation that requires cutting-edge R&D and major capital investment, Europe will strengthen its central role in preparing for the green and digital transition. Deep tech innovation will strengthen Europe’s technological leadership and lead to innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges such as climate change and cyber threats. These innovations are likely to support and benefit all sectors, from renewable energy to agricultural technologies, from construction to mobility and healthcare, thereby contributing to food security, reducing energy dependence, improving human health and enhancing the competitiveness of our economies.

The new innovation agenda:

  • will improve access to finance for European start-ups and growing businesses, for example by mobilising untapped sources of private capital and simplifying stock exchange listing rules


  •  improve conditions to enable innovators to experiment with new ideas through regulatory labs


  • attract and retain talent in Europe, for example by training 1 million deep tech talents, by increasing support for women innovators and by innovating with employee stock options in start-ups


The new European Innovation Agenda identifies 25 specific actions under five flagship initiatives:

  • Financing growing businesses.


  • Creating opportunities for innovation through experimental spaces and public procurement.


  • Accelerating and strengthening innovation in European innovation ecosystems across the EU.


  • Encouraging, attracting and retaining deep tech talent.


  •  Improving policy-making tools.