The human factor is the key to success

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The human factor is the key to success

“The distinctive feature of human capital is that it is part of the person. It is human because it is embodied in man, it is capital because it is a source of future satisfaction or of future income, or of both together” Theodor Schultz, American economist.

Investment, as we know, is the investment of funds. Their main purpose is to have a return.
And, although we all work with people, we rarely think that the best investment is in people.
Here are a few tips from professionals for professionals on how to invest in people and improve your results as a company and the office atmosphere.
Different types of qualifications and training are a good idea as there is a shortage of staff in some sectors. In this country, you can say that there are people, but it is very difficult to find trained and qualified staff. So here is our advice. Find a responsible person and train them. Very often, people are grateful and will stay for a long time in the company and will be safe and loyal as professionals.
Coach trainings are quite relevant. The need for training is also necessary for the sake of enriching the skills and knowledge of everyone already working in the company. The profitability of them is guaranteed.

What makes people who work in the company more efficient, more motivated, more significant, more appreciated?

Give them a voice! Make them feel heard and valued.

Don’t miss personal celebrations! Celebrate their birthdays, family holidays and you will motivate people to be more visible and important!
Bring the team together! Organize a dinner, bowling or other fun once a month that will help everyone on the team see each other in an informal setting and get to know their colleagues better!

Make a small gesture!

It could be something small like coffee as a thank you for a job well done or a day off bonus!
And , as we all know, when people’s motivation comes first then revenue increases.

And when you invest in the human factor you get better quality work, increased competitiveness and increased company returns.

Try our tips and let us know if they worked for you! Do you have a tip that we missed to write?