Three easy steps to optimize costs

| Reading Time: 2 Min

How to find the balance between saving and spending?

Whether you’re a business or an individual, sometimes we all spend unnecessarily. Here are some simple tips to find the balance and not spend more than you earn.
Take a look at what we at TPA Bulgaria offer as simple tips and let us know afterwards if any of them worked for you.

Don’t invest in unnecessary things.

You’d be surprised how much money we put into unnecessary things. The economy is built on shopping. Sometimes , however, we don’t need to have so much stuff. As long as the coffee machine in the office works, let’s use it. Maybe colleagues want something new – Air fryer , vacuum cleaner – robot?
Before you try to please people in the office – think – do we need this? How long will we use it or is it just trendy? Is there a more optimal version of the same?

Sell what you don’t use

Do you have too many company cars? Or maybe those chairs from the old office don’t do it for you?
Sell the things you don’t need, they are a waste of space , extra expense and usually if you don’t use them now you never will. That way, you will save some money, you can do some good and donate the money.

Set a goal for the people in the company and follow it

If you’re a company and you’re struggling to find the right incentive for your employees – we’re going to help you out a bit. Don’t buy them expensive desks and massages. People are different and don’t all like the same things.
Give them a task – if they achieve their goals, they get a team reward. Do a survey. Maybe they need a place to rest or a place to chill? Jogging? A tennis table? A Playstation? Stimulate their desire to have a 15-20 minute break where they don’t think work during the work day and that investment will come back to you many times over!

Following these few tips, we would like to emphasize that people are a company’s most valuable resource. So, invest more in staff training and development instead of shiny offices and pretty objects. Because, at TPA, we work with people every day! And numbers are just part of the process.