VAT Structuring / National & International

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In international business, VAT can quickly become a cost trap. It is only by means of an efficient management of VAT aspects of cross-border business that the VAT risks can be avoided, that administrative costs can be minimised and, under certain conditions, that competition advantages can be gained.

We will support you with our experienced VAT experts in the management of your international VAT risks as well as in the design of your international value chains – both inside and outside Europe.

Our experts will develop the best tax solutions for you. We can offer you:

  • Structuring of value chains from a VAT perspective
  • Practice-oriented VAT reviews of international business transactions
  • VAT Quick Check
  • VAT services with special, branch-specific know-how, in particular, real estate, energy services, travel, waste management
  • Support in triangular trade transactions, mail-order business
  • Support  in VAT audits
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