Baker Tilly International

Providing sound advice requires a strong network.

The TPA Group is an independent member of Baker Tilly Europe Alliance and is thus able to provide to its clients a worldwide network of tax advisors, accountants, auditors and business consultants.

All locations of the Baker Tilly Europe Alliance

The Baker Tilly Europe Alliance has 38 locations in 12 countries in Central and South Eastern Europe: the perfect position for realising complex and international projects in that region.

The network of Baker Tilly International

Thanks to our alliance with the Baker Tilly International network, the 11 countries of the independent TPA Group are perfectly connected at global level, and we are able to provide high-quality services in all the main business centres and regions of the world.

Our clients benefit from direct communication channels and straightforward decision-making structures and have access to top international consultants boasting excellent knowledge of the market situation in their particular country at any time.

Baker Tilly in Germany

In the most important European market, Germany, the TPA Group is cooperating very closely with a leading and highly successful member of Baker Tilly International, namely with the renowned German consultancy Baker Tilly, which has 11 locations in Germany and more than 1,000 employees.

The Baker Tilly International network currently consists of 126 independent member firms in 147 countries, employing a total workforce of 33 600 in 796 offices, which puts it among the top 10 global consultancy networks.